Spending three hours in the gym daily and diligently committing to this regime may help you lose weight overall. However, hard, stubborn fat found around the tummy, thighs and arms may cause much frustration.


ClearSK understands your frustrations in seeing stubborn fat stay despite all the hard work you put in. Our DrShape 3D Bodyshaper programme is a safe and non-invasive body contouring treatment designed by doctors and powered by the latest technology to tackle all kinds of stubborn body fat without downtime. Our treatment targets and eliminates fat at specific body zones to give you the body shape you desire with no fuss.


Trained by doctors, our dieticians and clinicians will devise a personalised treatment plan after understanding your individual body profile and preferences. Typically, the treatment will include the following stages in sequential order:


  • Melting the soft fat with Laser
  • Blasting the hard fat with Ultrasound
  • Freezing off the deeper, stubborn fat with Cryolipolysis
  • Draining off liquefied fats and toning up the skin after all treatments with the RF, IR, lymphatic massage and/or slim wraps.


Following are list of treatments that targets different types of body fats. To know what treatments are available in your country, please click SINGAPORE or SHANGHAI CHINA

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 Soft Fats & Cellulites

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Hard Fats & Cellulites


Weight Management

  • Body Analysis
  • ClearSK Slimming Product
  • Classic Slimming Supplement

Treatment Results