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Targets Stubborn Fats At Specific Body Zone

Do you spend 3 hours in the gym daily only to see that you lose weight but not those hard, stubborn fats and cellulites at tummy, thighs or arms? Fret not! ClearSK® understands the difficulty in shedding off those fats found around tummy, thighs and arms, and has developed DrShape® 3D Body Program which consists of safe and non-invasive body contouring treatment.


Overview of DrShape® 3D BodyShaper Program

Designed by doctors, DrShape® 3D Body Program is an integrative program that consists of treatments powered by technology, to tackle all types of body fats comfortably and safely with long-lasting results. Strictly no surgery, no downtime.


In a sequential order, this program begins with:

  • Melting the soft fat with LaserSlim FatMelt
  • Blasting the hard fat with Ultrasound FatBlast
  • Freezing off the deeper, stubborn fat with Coolsculpt-Plus and/or CoolShape
  • Draining off liquefied fats and Toning Up skin after treatments with RF Body Toner, Cellulite Buster, lymphatic massage and/or slim wraps.


DrShape 3D BodyShaper Programs by ClearSK® are designed by doctors to help you achieve your ideal body contours. Treatment plan will be personalised by our medi-aesthetics consultants, trained by doctors, after understanding your unique skin profile and preferences.


Treatments Options


Home Care Products

  • ClearSK Laser Tight Body Cream
  • Calorie Blocker Supplement
  • Neera Detox











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