Clinical Skincare by Doctors

Clinical Skincare by Doctors:

Targets Pigmentation, Pimples, Pores, Scars 



  • Cosmetic Laser $68

  • Skin Perfecting Booster $298
  • Deep Collagen Booster $698


Safe . No Surgery . No Downtime.


By ClearSK® Group of Clinics
Program comes with consultation and skin assessment.

Troubled by Different Skin Problems?

Pigmentation, Dull Skin / Dry Skin


Acne Scars / Enlarged Pores


Here's What Clinical Skincare Can Do For You:


Giving you Good, Healthy Skin again!

Good, Healthy Skin



A good, healthy skin (as seen in the first skin diagram above) is supported by strong levels of elastin, collagen, hyaluronic acid, and this makes the skin firm, smooth & strong against damages from the environment & lifestyle.


Damaged, Unhealthy Skin



As your skin age, it gradually becomes weaker and damaged (as seen in the 2nd skin diagram above) because of aging effects and damages caused by the environment and personal lifestyles. These damages first impact on the inner skin layer with the depletion of elastin, collagen & hyaluronic acid. Without the “support” of your inner skin layer, your upper skin will soon become weaker and give in to the formation of pigmentation, enlarged pores, acne scars, wrinkles, dullness, dryness, and more.



Clinical Skincare by Doctors can help renew your skin & bring it back to its original healthy state in 2 steps:

First Step:

Use of energy treatments like lasers to first eliminate the damages on the upper skin layer, like pigmentation, pimples, enlarged pores.


Cosmetic Laser: 1 session @ $68


Second Step:

Deliver high biocompatible DNA, HA fragments directly to your inner skin to rebuild the skin cells from deep inside. It naturally improves the biological condition of the damaged skin layers from inside-out, repairing the damages on the upper skin and replenishing what the skin needs on the inside. This process keeps the skin in a healthy state, allowing you to look constantly refreshed, radiant and youthful.


Skin Perfecting Booster, 1 session @ $298
Deep Collagen Booster, 1 session @ $698

Tip-of-the-Day:    Our skin starts ageing as early as 25! Start your treatment early to “lock” your skin’s age!

Clinical Treatments by Doctors


- Cosmetic Laser $68

- Skin Perfecting Booster $298

- Deep Collagen Booster $698 

Tip-of-the-Day:    Combine any 2 of the above treatments to maximise your results.

Safe . No Surgery . No Downtime.


By ClearSK® Group of Clinics
Program comes with consultation and skin assessment.

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